To our past

To our past

To our past

Don’t even know what I’m really supposed to tell you. My emotion are fully mixed, and so they will be until I’ll eventually be able to move on. There has been a while since we last talked, since we met, for our last time. I didn’t really know that this would be the last time. Be that as it may, it was the last time I saw you. And this really hurts. I know that this thing that I’m writing, won’t even make sense, but I really feel the need to address you a letter. I really feel the need to talk to you, to see you, to touch you.

When we first met, I really had no idea that this would end with such an awful way. I had no idea how harmful a person can be for you. The same person that was the entire world to you.That was the only one who deeply understood you, when no one else could. The person with whom you felt just yourself, with whom you shared your most important feelings, is now a really harmful and sad memory. I really didn’t think that thinking of you would just make me cry over and over.

Maybe I was just all wrong from the begging. Maybe I overrated us, our potential of being together for a really long time. However, I really loved you, I loved you in a way that I never have felt before. Even if you hate me, you still own a piece of my heart. I wish that someday, you will just be a far memory, or maybe someday, I wont remember all the awful shit I’ve been through due to you. Whatsoever, I love you, I miss you, I need you.


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