A sigh of relief

A sigh of relief

A sigh of relief

Hey B , 

I read somewhere this would help in my final stage of forgiveness so i thought i’d give it a go.

You were my first real relationship i was overwhelmed with strong feelings of love. We had a great bond, we got along well… or so i thought. Things turned sour unexpectedly, i was in love with you… looking back now, maybe too much. I was attached deeply and throughly and you knew. You took advantage of that, heck you still do. I resented myself for continuously begging for you to take me back, crying and pleading every time you broke up with me. The time before the last broke me. I spiralled out of control with my emotions we became toxic and we both knew it. The last breakup i tried to mentally prepare myself months before but you’re never really ready. I considered killing myself and looking back i sounded so pathetic i felt like nothing and i blamed you. I resented you for things that were out of your control.

I wrote this letter to you because i forgive you, i don’t need to hate you anymore. I’ve found peace within myself and i can finally accept we had a good time but it just didn’t work out. I wont lie and say i wish you the best but i hope you learn from this as well.

Kind Regards, 


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