How could you?

How could you?

How could you?

Dear Mr F

You gave me the attention I wanted for you jay felt like years but was only a few weeks until I stupidly gave myself to you.

I wish I just let saying no. You didn’t deserve me. You were with someone and still with them now. Your fiancé, I might add. 

You gave me a petty story, got me when I was low and if I wasn’t low enough, you just thought it was something that would carry on even though you were going to get married. 

The, I can’t promise anything can seriously go up your arse. I hope you obsess over me while I kill of any feeling for you. I hope you heart burns when you see me and you feel sad knowing your too cowardly to ever have me. 

Your a coward who will live in the grave you made forever. And I’m happy not to be part of it.

I deserve to be put first, my love is pure. And one day someone will give me that back, then I will have forgotten all about you.

If I see your picture now I feel sick. Knowing that I ever let you touch me. 

Your wishes will get you know where as my will is stronger than your fake words. 

Actions truly mean everything. And you will one day mean nothing.


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