I’m hurt and damaged, so thanks

I’m hurt and damaged, so thanks

I’m hurt and damaged, so thanks

This is for that one person, 
Who would have guessed after everything we went through together I’m left with the feelings I have. I’m left with feelings of being used and played. I gave you so many chances to fix your mistakes because I cared. I have always cared. But for all the chances given I never got a new result back. The whole time we were together I’m told you tried multiple times getting with friends of mine. Then I’m told you were talking to a girl the whole time we dated. Yall are dating now so thanks for that. I’m not even sure if you ever got with any of these girls while we were dating. It leaves me with feeling that I’m not good enough and that I cant satisfy my own boyfriend enough to stay loyal.

The other major feelings you have left scarred with me are insecurities. I’m insecure over how my body is and looks. You would always make fun of me saying that I’m too fat for a piece of clothing, or that I was just fat in general. Sorry but news flash not every girl is one of those Victoria Secret models. You would always judge me by my looks. I’m too ugly to go out with you one day, then if I try to look nice I’m a “whore” in a dress. So now every time I look in a mirror I hear your disgusting voice judging me. I’m so self-conscious because of you. I hate myself for letting you get to me in that way but here we are. I have no clue what to do, I look in the mirror and all I see now is a mess. Nothing positive just a mess. A mess no guy will ever want or care for. Thanks for that. I just needed to get this off my chest and hopefully it will leave my head now that I’ve let go.


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