I’m sorry my love

I’m sorry my love

I’m sorry my love

Dear Taylor,
You probably have me blocked on here just like you do on everything else. but i love you and i know i wasn’t the best gf and i probably never will be and that’s why i’m just done with relationships. I was really gonna try hard to keep u happy and felt loved but you never gave me the chance u see all my mistake and dipped. But that alright because there is no other word for what i did other than stupidity. I hope you find the love of your life like i fount mine when i met u. I hope she gives you the happiness you need and the love you do desperately need and deserve. I’m sorry i couldn’t of done better. I’m sorry i was a piece of shit to you. I’m not a good person like you say i am. Honestly i’m the worst person there could be because if i was a good person i wouldn’t push away and hurt the one person who really wanted and care for me.

I may have a good heart but i’m not a good person and i’m okay with that cause i can fix it i can fix myself i just guess i spend so much time worrying about the things that go wrong so i try to have people i can fall back on but in the end those people aren’t there for me. In the end it was still my stupidity. I hope you find the light at the end of the tunnel you’re in and it not be the train. I hope you can build yourself up to the point where your unbreakable. You are the reason for many people’s happiness including mine and i just want to thank you for all the nights you held me when i cried all the nights you were there for me even though i wasn’t there for you. If you were to tell me you wanted me back i know i would come back in a heart beat, but you don’t want me back and that’s fine i’ll still wait for you. I love you to infinity and beyond Tay always will.


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