A twist in my story

A twist in my story

A twist in my story

Hi, how are you?

It’s been 2 months since I last saw you and 3 months since we broke up, and I can’t seem to understand why after all this time. I feel like I’m still staying in the place where you left me when I know you’ve moved forward already. The pain from the start is still as agonizing as the pain I feel every day.

I actually thought I would be able to move on, but I was wrong. The ghost of what we had been is still hunting me. And I hate that even if I’m supposed to hate you, the love never seemed to fade, and even if I’m supposed to let you go, I still find myself holding on. But I know I shouldn’t, right? You’ve made up your mind completely.

I wish I knew the exact reason why it had to be that way or why you chose to leave me. You gave me a lot of reasons that made the chaos inside my mind worse. I know I should hate you for giving up too soon, but at this very moment, I miss you big time it hurts. If it was because of the mistakes I made in the past, I am very sorry. I’m sorry that I was stupid and selfish back then. You probably don’t need to hear my apology but for me to make peace with myself, I know I have to. I know I shouldn’t be holding on because it was clear from the way you left that you are done with me.

I miss you, a lot, though, but I know it was a goodbye for good


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