You were a fake. A con artist. You showed me everything I had ever wanted in a relationship. Loved me like no else. Then one day, you woke up and decided you were done. You made me feel like I was crazy for worrying if there was something wrong. You had my own mom thinking I was crazy. You had everyone fooled. 6 months of passionate love that you threw away in a week.
   You are a coward. You saw me that morning and waited until the night to call me and end it. You wouldn’t even meet again to give me closure, because you never gave me a reason why in the first place. I do not beg for anyone to love me or to stay, all I wanted was for you to say it to my face. But, you wouldn’t. The last thing you ever said to me face to face was “I love you too”. 
   You made me numb. It took me a while to open up to you, to love you. But, I finally did. You knew I do not handle emotions well, if at all. You made me feel so many things, so many emotions. Then you snatched all of them away. I hate being sad. I hate crying. I was destroyed afterwards and was so mad at myself for being deceived. I cut off my emotions. I became insensitive and got over you quicker than I ever thought. But, it came with a price. 
   You made me into someone I do not recognize. My numbness has caused so many mistakes. I cannot even see myself getting in any kind of relationship. I can’t form feelings. I can’t feel anything. You made me lose hope in so many things I’d been longing for in the future. 
   I wish you well. I hope you don’t fool the next girl like you did me. I hope you realize you cannot run away from everything that scares you. I hope you mature. 
   I wish you well, as I wish myself better.


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