Fuck you

Hey Nicolas lemme tell u sum thing. You’re a real fucking jerk. why? i can think of so many fucking things i’m mentally preparing that my fingers will be fucking aching. So let’s start abt how we met. Well fuck that cuz idgaf cuz u mean nothing to me at all. let’s y’all abt how much of an asshole you are.

1. your an unloyal bitch who’s to much of pussy to stand up to your 7th grade girlfriend imagine. 2. your a liar. not only a liar but a bitch ass liar to be scared of someone who has no ass and skinnier then a fucking pole and someone younger than you and that 7th grader has all of your accounts in her control it’s like your her bitch. 3. your so unloyal to her no wonder she’s so possessive and jealous and has to block every girl you even talk to it’s so sad how scared she is to lose you and you don’t even gaf flirting with other girls, me. i feel bad for her honestly. cause u tell her it’s me calling you , texting you first, i have all messages all screenshots if you calling me in the middle of the night. randomly calling me after months of not talking.

i was finally okay with you being out of my life and you came back and fucking it all up again. you just come, call hang up and do it again. it’s not cute at all that’s why the only girl u can get is younger than u. you led me on lied to me and i was to blind to even notice. we were done so long ago you should’ve left it at that, no need to keep in touch and i was FINE with that but u come and call me from unknown numbers and tell your friends about me, give my number to them and they call me to ask me questions abt your girl like i have no interest in you, no interest in talking to you, no interest in being in your life. and your coming to my school next year and i just want you out of my life please.

Your hurt me and i was okay with that. but u blocking me on everything cuz ur master told u to us not ok cause we were friends b4 any of it. it hurts not cuz i liked u at one point a while ago and it was like a little crush nothing serious btw but it hurts that you would treat your friend like that. cause of some girl. cuz we went from facetiming every day to blocked on everything. and that’s either cause your gf don’t want u talking to me so it’s you that’s attached to me not the other way around.

so stop lying abt it and stop pussing out like a bitch cause it’s not fair that you drag me into shit and i’m over here chilling cause your so OBSSESED with me. prankcalling me texting me that i’m pretty and fishing for compliments it’s YOU who can’t let go of me and it’s my biggest regret answering your calls, texting you back, adding you back. your the one who can’t let go of me.

i never hated someone more and it gives me a bit of relief knowing that u chased me and me thinking how could i be thinking of u at night, why do i even care. but me knowing that you thought the same way and probably more than me. it’s nice feeling like someone’s chasing after you. and i swear one day i’m gonna say all this and i won’t gaf cause it’s the fucking truth. get out of my life.


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