Hi baby

J – I have never been good with being in touch with my feelings or putting them into words, It was the way I grew up.

I knew what was coming, Just I choose not to accept facts and signs. 

I am far from perfect and was just miserable, even with all the gifts God did give us.

I don’t blame you for leaving me, but damn, why did you ever take things as far as you did? When u left you destroyed me, But that wasn’t enough, You had to ruin me, emotionally, physically, financially, socially and worst off, the children.

I will never, not ever know why you ruined innocent kids against their own mother.

I want and need answers. I cannot move on as I need to until this happens.

I’m begging you to help me make sense of how my – at one time husband, love of my entire life… Can just turn and spit on me .. JJ


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