How does it feel

How does it feel

How does it feel

How does it feel seeing me move on? How does it feel to see me barely caring anymore huh? I didn’t replace you because you will always have some type of feeling in my heart, but i am moving on now. I’m not forgetting but I’m forgiving. I’m forgiving you for lying to me and cheating on me however i will never forget it.

I will never take you back after what you did. It’ll never be the same with you or me at all. I won’t say things to hurt you but I will say things that are true and that is honest. I will not lie or tell anyone what we did or what we went through but I will tell them I regret some of it. I regret letting you take control of everything. I’m not saying I regret the sleepless nights we went through for no reason. I mostly regret falling so damn hard for you.

I hope the next is amazing and beautiful and caring and deeply in love with you but I mainly hope you do not cheat on her like you did with me. I hope your life becomes perfect.


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