My squishy Lance

My squishy Lance

My squishy Lance

Hi Lance! It’s been 2 months and 7 days since I’ve broken up with you. I don’t know where I’ve gotten the courage to break up with you when in fact I’m so in love with you. You didn’t even fight for me, that you wanted me back. It hurts still. I know I’m the one who broke your heart but my heart aches the most. I’d still choose you forever. I hope we can meet someday. Let us fix and learn to love ourselves first before heading to another relationship (or if there’s chance, i hope we end up together). It’s hard, masking up my emotions. Posting selfie pictures as if you’d come back to me. You blocked me and now we’re not friends on social media sites. 

I’m tough now. I am now trying to fix myself & loving myself more now. Maybe it’s just a matter of weakness. Maybe I’m just missing you that’s why. If we are not for each other then maybe we should move on. I’m sorry


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