A poem for a lass lost.

A poem for a lass lost.

A poem for a lass lost.

(Written one morning in a quiet sunny secret spot looking out to the Moray Firth)

As I sit and I gaze at the ocean near the hermits cave I long and mourn for my love lost to me through the way that I behaved. 

The circumstances from the universe above out of our control that took our love. It’s gone far away too far some may say. 

I wish for her whole and undying love and companionship once again to return to my arms with an open heart I ask from that very same universe above. 

I long for the smell of her skin and the way that hers resting on mine feels so right comparable to lying under canvas or tin on a dark wild and stormy night. 

The comfort of her hand in mine holding me softly tight making me always a better man with her feminine might. 

The sound of her sweet and Bonny highlander voice always soothing the ear and reminiscent of a comfort from long ago that one can’t quite place. Images of her showing me where she grew up and looking from the hillside above. Planning the next adventure or what can be done to make the world a better place. Joking and teasing and that ever infectious laugh out loud followed by her trademark smile. 

Of course it was her eyes of almond full of life that first drew me close on that long and hot summers eve long ago which I long to see again just her and me. 

Come back to me one day my love of my life. Come now and sit here  for a wee while On this rock at the hermits cave. Sit here next to me and let us say nothing at all and let us look out at the ocean together.


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