Baby. hi. its me Yx. You may not want to ever hear from me again because i was so terrible as your other half but still i want to to tell you, despite us breaking up for 9 years. I still miss you.

Ever since the end of our relationship i have been living miserably and i know i deserve it for those things i’ve done to you. You were the 1/100 that everyman can ever hope to have. but i never did appreciate those things you’ve done for me.  I don’t deserve you. I never once did. you were too good for me. You tolerated my nonsense for such a long time even when you cheated, i’ve understood cause i neglected you so much. I mean if i could i would still take you back but i know that would never happen. So the best i could ever do is to give you my blessings and your child. I wish you and your family the best but you will always have a place in my heart, and i will always do whatever i could to protect you and your child. 
Baby i love you and will always do. 


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