I don’t hate you

I don’t hate you

I don’t hate you

I actually believed that you were in hospital for a while. I got so scared thinking something bad could happen. Needed time and space? You could ask and I would give it. Needed a temporary break? I would be upset but not as much as I am now. Wanted to end our relationship? I would be hurt but not as now. Because on top of knowing that you didn’t want me and all, there is a lie now.

You betrayed my trust and disrespected me. You kept me waiting for a month fearing that the lie could be the truth. I wish you never did any of these. We both know that I didn’t deserve it. Hating you? No, I only get angry from time to time because the fact that I still love you destroys my self esteem. I hope that you will regret what you did and apologize one day. I struggle to forgive you here.


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