It should’ve been us in the end

It should’ve been us in the end

It should’ve been us in the end

Where do i even begin? Well i guess i’ll start with a simple , i miss you. more than you will ever know. I always come back at the most inconvenient times but i don’t know. I’m just stuck with this empty feeling and i’m sure you’re doing so good and that you’re with/talking to someone that makes you so beyond happy which is what you deserve and if thats the case then i’m glad that you have found your happiness.

You don’t need me but i cant find anyone like you , no one makes me happy like you did , or makes me want to be a better person the way you made me. You were just my person and it sucks knowing that i wasn’t yours. I’m so sorry for never making you feel appreciated enough. You did so much to drag me out of the terrible darkness i was in and i never took the time to thank you for helping me.

I wish i was able to meet you all over again , fall in love with you again , do it all differently. I prayed every night that things would work out and that we would be together again but i guess God wasn’t listening. Things happen for a reason and i understand that. but i don’t understand why it had to be losing you of all things. You were my guidance through this terrible world and without you i’m lost. Fuck. I need you. i love you. i miss you.

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  1. Anon 10 months ago

    They weren’t “your person”. They were showing you what it means to love someone….to learn from it and not make the same mistakes with someone else. They were your teacher. Someone else out there is “your person”.

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