Real love wins

Real love wins

Real love wins

Hey, I guess its finally time. We tried to stay as friends, but deep inside we know that’s not possible. You might not see it now or later, but I know in my heart it’s the right thing. You must hate me for everything.

Leaving you not only once, but twice. 

I guess I’ll always be the bad guy in your life. You’ll forever see me as the one who didn’t believe in you. I tried to make it up, but it hindered my process. Because in the end, real love wins. The love for myself won against your possessiveness and manipulation. 

I tried the best I could do with what I know. You can’t take that away from me. And so love will help me live. To live a life without you. A life with myself and my beautiful small handful of friends. So shit on me, who cares? Because at the end true love always breaks the most powerful of curses. 

Ciao Priscilla. I hope for you well


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