The Truth

The Truth

The Truth

We had great memories and bad ones. To tell you the truth, I cherish all of them. Through them I learned so many things. After our son our relationship wasn’t working out anymore. So many arguments on a daily basis. At some point I knew I needed time away to clear my mind and I left. After leaving I realized that I wanted out of the relationship. Of course, I always cared for you but that’s because part of me still wanted to work it out. I went through my thoughts over and over, trying to figure out if our breakup was the right thing. It was hard, it was hard to leave everything behind, to accept the reality. I cried a lot at nights, trying to comfort myself, trying to forgive myself.

I know you always wanted to get back and told me that you loved me but I couldn’t get myself to love you back, you know my dating history and you know that past relationships made me realized that I should never give second chances because all it does is destroy me completely and leave me in a bad mental state. What hurts me the most is knowing that I give it all and I hate myself for it because I can’t help my caring nature which causes me so much pain.

Thank you for everything you have done for me, I’m really thankful. But at this point in my life, I don’t feel nothing for you. Through time I realized that you are not and you will never be the man I want. We tried to fix ourselves but this is who we are, we can’t really change ourselves unless we are willing to. At some point I resented you for so many things but I don’t anymore. I knew it was over the moment I could look at you and feel nothing, the moment I could go hours, days without talking, the moment your presence meant loneliness and anger, the moment I could see a future without you.

With this I want to say I’m sorry, I’m sorry for hurting you, I’m sorry for giving you a hard time, I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like we could get back together, I’m sorry for being me. I’m sorry for everything but Thank you for everything. All I could say is that I’m finally happy. Thank You for existing and I hope you can forgive me one day. It’s over, move on.

Till I hear from you again,


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