You never loved me

You never loved me

You never loved me

Dear Ex,
How could you? You left me feeling like no one was ever going to love me again. It was crazy more than anything because I was so in love with you. I was always the biggest supporter and did nothing but give you my love. I did everything for you and as a matter of fact, I ALWAYS dropped everything I had going on just to talk to you when you needed me. I did all that for what? For you to leave me? 

You called me a month after leaving me without a goodbye but a blocked screen to ask me how I was doing to just then tell me you were talking to someone else. To some people, a month may seem like a long time but when you are so in love with someone time flies by. I have done nothing since you left but sat and cried. 

If I am being completely honest, I am not sure why I am still so in love with you. You just left me like I was never anything to you. Like we never stayed up all night talking about our day or always found a way to see each other. I wonder if you still think about me even though I see all your posts and clearly, you seem to be a lot happier without me. I love you, still. After everything so I hope that tells you something on just how much you meant to me. 
Me your ex

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  1. S 1 year ago

    Beautiful letter i felt that.

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