That short year that we dated had so much of everything crammed in; the great, the awesome, the bad, the sad, and the shit, that I unknowly think back it often to this day.. 6 years later.

Your impact on me still affects my day to day decision making processes and thoughts its just mad. Even though you broke up with me, I would do it again cuz it had some of the happiest and craziest times of all my previous relationships. I’m sorry I didn’t realize our relationship was sinking and the signs you were giving me. It was a crazy time when drugs really affected my behaviours/thought and I still think if it would’ve been different if I didn’t do the drugs I did.

I really just want to let you know noona that I still love u, u really made me feel happy about life when I was with ya girl. Im a jaded amf now but that’s not all Ur fault. There r things that I hate about u, like how u lied to me so many times u POS. But hey I guess that’s life, u hurt me, I hurt u, but the memories is what keeps our minds shackled in the past


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