Dear ex that I still love :(

Dear ex that I still love :(

Dear ex that I still love :(

To the ex I still love,
I’m writing this for the sake of moving on from you, and for myself because when you left me that day i wanted to die in a whole six feet under and i wanted to cry and cry and honestly i did i cried for days because when you find out that someone that you loved so deeply tell you that you’re not their type anymore it makes you feel like shit.

I miss him and i truly do and i love him so much even though he probably doesn’t want anything to do with me i still do but i can never tell him because he will never love me back ever and as much as i’m trying to move on i cant but even though i can’t i will try my best to pick up the pieces of my broken heart that he broke and put them back together and focus on myself and re find my self again because i think that by moving on from him i will get closure and i will get peace at once with my heart and myself, so from now i will learn to let him go and learn to love myself.

As someone once said when you really love somebody you have to learn to let them go and if they really love you and if its meant to be they will come back one day. 
so dear ex i love you but from now i can’t anymore because it hurts me and i can’t keep doing this.
dear ex goodbye for now and maybe someday in another time we will work out.

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  1. Aliyha 6 months ago

    I hope you are happier

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