Dear A , 
I wanted to tell you this but after 1 year I’m ready to get it off my chest. First of all I think you’re the most manipulative bastard I’ve ever met in my life. You didn’t deserve an ouch of any love I provided for you throughout our relationship. You don’t have any idea about love or  what it means to love someone because you don’t come from love. You have no idea what it means to love someone. You’re completely evil, while I approach our relationship with love and honesty, you approached it with an evil heart and LIES!!!

I never understood why you lied about your father’s death or why you used to cry over him a lot during our relationship but throughout our relationship I was comforting you every time & I held you until you felt better EVERY TIME. I found out your dad died less than a year before we became boyfriend and girlfriend. You shouldn’t have been looking for a girlfriend, you should have been healing instead of using me to mend your pains.

You told me your father died years ago – u lied!!  you couldn’t even have the decency and respect to tell me little truth like that one from the beginning of our relationship & THAT I CAN NEVER FORGIVE. You hurt me so much and the worst of all was the cheating. Because I made sure you were good sexually and emotionally. I never slept with anyone before. I can’t believe you still needed more.

You’re SOOOO selfish fucking pathetic quite frankly. You’re also insecure that’s why you worry so much about your looks and what you wear to cover up what a douche bag you actually are of a person. Also your  family is fucking DISGUSTING, racist , and pathetic. But they didn’t affect me one bit, just bunch of insecure folks trying to validate how they are better than me because of their skin FUCK THEM !!!

You are just a selfish bastard and everything you did to me will come back to hunt you in your next relationship. That’s what I wanted to tell you the day I called and said it was an accident. I wish you all the worst.


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