Too much fun, laughs, love then sadness, the world was against us.

Too much fun, laughs, love then sadness, the world was against us.

Too much fun, laughs, love then sadness, the world was against us.

I never stopped loving you and I hope your life is amazing.

Since our first night together our connection was permanent. We could read each other’s thoughts and that’s never happened before. At this time certain events beyond my control had made me give up on life, love and much more. Wow that changed when we hooked up. No Matter how much success I had achieved in my life there was this emptiness that I could never explain. I could never love or feel love my entire life. We met right after I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Our chemistry was unbelievable I could read your mind as you could mine. I warned you not to date me because I had given up hope and you said that didn’t matter, you were a healer. You told me you were there to heal me and love me. I had a reputation as a womanizer however I had stopped long before we dated because I felt it was time for a real relationship. 

We both came from broken homes and very tough lives. I want you to know that I never stopped loving you whether your day was good or bad, even when you screwed up (I might have slightly more than you but that’s not why I mentioned this) I loved you more. Cooking, laughing and love. You are the first person I made love to – though I had many partners none crossed my mind after one night. It was just you.

I’m sorry I became insecure about being sick. I never wanted to die on you and hurt you. That haunted me. Then one day the doctor tells us it’s a miracle. My health was returning to normal and it could not be explained. I had given up, facing all these things were more than I could handle. Our three arguments were about things people said that were not even true.

Drinking got us in trouble. Ghosting caused so many misunderstandings since others were lying about what you had been up to. I thought you were destroying my business but you just needed space. Everyone was against us. We had so much fun though. You even landed that dance move.

I’m not quite ready to step up and be a partner yet. You probably would never consider us together again anyway. Just know that I had so much fun, I didn’t know how to love you but I asked you constantly what makes you feel loved. You stayed silent. 
I love you, I always will no matter what. Maybe someday you will say hi and let me buy you dinner. Even if it is nothing more than that you and I could have so much fun and conquer the world together. You are worthy of love and your past does not change that. Me not so much, but I’m working on it. Goodbye my angel Ang from D 
I hope you get everything in this world you desire no matter where I am. I truly wish you the best. You’re such a beautiful complicated person.


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