I miss you

I miss you

I miss you

Dear Fran,

I Hope you are happy, I hope you are free. 
For every time I miss you, a piece of me leaves.

I remember all the good, and cry away the pain.
My heart ache remains se same, when you’ve changed in every way.

I try to move on and forget you.
But the moment I am reminded of you, I’m back to square one.

It’s hard not to see you around, or to even say “Hello”
I dream about us meeting, and you begging me not to go.

You “loved” me do dearly, where did all that go?
Was she really all that pretty, did her boyfriend even know.

I Wish I could have it all over, I would do it so differently.
In such a manner that you would never forsake me.

I miss you now, a little more than yesterday, and a little less than Tomorrow.

Yours until I’m ready, to some day, let go.



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