To Mira

I admit that our breakup was on me.. And everyday after the 31st March 2020, I never stopped thinking and regretting my decision. I see you moving on, I was there when I saw how happy she makes you feel. That smile, I remember it, so bright, so beautiful, so precious. But not mine. It never was. 
I moved on, I see you finding your new happiness and I thought, yes, it’s time for me to do so for myself too. I’m sorry. I found someone new. Surprisingly, she reminds me about you sometimes, even her birthday is on our already ended “anniversary date”. I was preparing gifts for her birthday, but lately I was thinking about you too. After a long time, the memories still come back sometimes. She loves the smell of my shirt, letters, morning long wishes, headpats and sleeping next to each other. What I felt for you, I’m feeling for her.  That’s why I’ve been thinking about you lately, the memories stay forever even when the person is gone. Looking at her face makes me calm. She reassures me with her words, like how you did before. She’s more open minded than you tho. Not in any sexual way, just in terms of how casual our conversation can be. She makes me very comfortable.
I watch your instagram once in a while because I miss the memories we had. But it was long gone. And I already accepted that fact long ago.
I wish you well, I hope you get to be the teacher you always wanted to be. You’re an amazing teacher honestly, I’ve seen how you treat your little tutors. 
I wish you’re always happy with what you do. You’re someone with a strong will and you know what you want to do in your life. I’ve always been proud of you and what you do. You lived well and you did a good job, continue doing that okay? I love you, always do.


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