From Marin To Lumielle

From Marin To Lumielle

From Marin To Lumielle

Hey, Lumielle. 

You know who you are even though I use a different name for you in each letter I write. I know you recognize the references because it’s something only the two of us know. I know that if you’ve been on this site, you will definitely have recognized the first letter that I sent you because I wrote it in such a way that you couldn’t mistake it for anyone else’s letter, but my own. 

I sent you a second letter a few days after I sent the first. This site didn’t publish it. No idea why. If you want to read the second, go to your DMs on Tapas Forums. Not Tapas, but Tapas Forums (you have two separate accounts, one for each site, and you forgot to delete your Tapas Forums one). I sent that one over there just in case this site doesn’t publish it for some reason. 

Am I reaching for the impossible, wanting you to read my letters and realize what a horrible person you really were? Yes. But you know, you’re more likely to win the lottery if you buy a ticket. 

And here comes the third. 

You know what else I find disgusting about you?
When I asked for you to hear me out when I was struggling with suicidal thoughts, and you just said “Begging is ugly and you’re less likely to get what you want if you beg,” and then strolled away, leaving me to die. 
But when you begged for me to give you all the girlfriend privileges while you wouldn’t commit to me, it wasn’t ugly, huh? And I gave in. You always demanded what you weren’t willing to give yourself, and then acted like the victim if the other person didn’t like it. 

You self-absorbed fool. 

As we in my country curse our worst enemy, tegul motina žemė tavęs nenešioja.

– Marin


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