Happy 19th birthday

Happy 19th birthday

Happy 19th birthday

January 11 – your birthday. Happy 19th Birthday . Actually i don’t know whether u still rmb or not – we broke up at 2018 June 30th on the symphony night. In the afternoon u suddenly told me that u wanted to break up. I had done my best to make u stay but in the end u left me alone without knowing the reason. At night during the concert I saw u with another boy. We saw each other but in the end we pretended we didn’t saw each other using just few hours after the break up we became strangers. I walked passed u you didn’t even turn back and left. Day after day I did my best to find u to try to ask about the reason why we breaking up and u didn’t even bother and after that day I starting to think that maybe the time together were just a game u playing. Even my friends also say that to me so i told myself to move on find a better one.

After changing few person, I found out that I still cant let go of u.  I have no idea why . After a year I let down moved on i’m chasing another girl that i thought is the right person, then u came back. u told me the reason why u left me but whats the point for telling me the reason after a year? u said that u scare i go to find the boy and beat him up or what. But yes i will do it if u have told me in the first place. now after a year u came and tell me – the reason is pointless. I’m wondering did u even regret by not telling me the reason – by not telling me the problem u faced. Maybe u think that by telling me after a year is a good choice but hmmm. Now we’re in the same school, same society and others. During this year u came back and chat wif me. actually i have been thinking should we get back to each other . I have been thinking it day by day, night after night. still can’t really know should we get back together because it has been awhile since the day u left.

During my school time i met another girl when i’m with her. i’m happy but we wont be a couple. we’re more to being a friend sometimes being a friend is better than a couple at least being a friend we wont lose our friendship we can still keep contact about each other .That day i called u i told u the truth actually i wanted to tell u truth because i scared that when we got back together i scared that u will left me like what u did last time. so maybe u wont forgive me, maybe u think that i lied to u. maybe after reading this letter u still angry about me but remember when u need help the most i’m the one who helped u. i’m the one who taught u, i’m the one who gave all i have for u but in the end….

Pls don’t come and say sorry. maybe i’m the one who need to say sorry because of didn’t tell u the truth for so long now u r free so after reading this try thinking if u had told me in the first place we wont break up we can have so many memories together but u choose to tell me after a year and yeah u r free now and i think the time u reading this letter u alr have a new boyfriend and last but not least happy 19th birthday and good luck in future take care.



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