Young love

Young love

Young love

Dear Eduardo,

It’s been 2 years since we’ve broken up. and everyday I still think about. I remember that you were my first kiss. and I’ll never forget how much I love felt. yet we were 12&14 at the moment. now I’m 14, and ur 16.

Recently we started talking (as friends) since I found your insta again. Every time I hear a notification I think it’s you. the way I use to wake up in the morning and already have a text from you. even though we barely lasted a week. I still have so many feelings for you. but I try not to show them. because I don’t wanna be pushy. and ur trying to better your self.

I won’t forgot the way your lips felt against mine. yet here I am crying every night. thinking about what I did wrong. and why I can’t have you in my life. there is never a moment you don’t cross my mind. and I’m still heartbroken. you mean the sun & whole world to me. and I wish everyday that I could go back to that. I wanna wake up every morning with you and lay in bed going to sleep with you. but knowing myself it will never happen.

I want you to know who ever has you. I hope they will love you I do. And I hope they take every chance to make you feel good. I love you my pretty boy <3 -cirila  xD


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