To my love

To my love

To my love

I’m currently writing this waiting for you to text back. i’m so fucking sorry and i can’t state that more than enough. i know i’ve hurt you and honestly i don’t blame you if you do never forgive me.

I knew it was wrong and the thing is even though we never really were in a relationship or anything, it felt like i had done something incredibly wrong immediately but i kept ignoring those signs.

I think explaining that all those were meant for u wouldn’t help either; you would probably find it disgusting because i doubt you even think of me that way.

I have a really bad feeling we’re not gonna recover from this one and even if we do it’ll be different – you’ll be distant and it’ll feel awful.

By no means do i blame you. this was entirely my fault for ruining the one good thing in my life. i have a tendency of sabotaging.

I’m so sorry my love. i don’t even know how to make it up to you or how to console you – i don’t even have it in me to cry. 

I just know i’m gonna miss you so much. it’s inevitable now.

I love you, my sunshine

Love from lils <3


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