Another day and still no one to talk to. I never knew loving someone can hurt this bad. The more i look at your page the more it hurts. You were the only one who really truly showed me how much u cared. No one ever does that to me now that u left and most likely never going to see each other or be together again.

It’s really bugging me rn I knew i wasn’t perfect. You were literally a friend, bf, my everything. But you’re happy now and that’s really all i want for u. If u asked about me or wonder for any chance how i’m doing i will say not good at all – literally failing school, always shut people out, but what happened last night just made me feel so bad and i honestly don’t know why. It just felt so weird to be with someone other then u.

You are the only person that met my family, stayed over with me – for months and everything changed in March. I wish that i could hear u say ily one more time. I wish that i can get one last hug from you. Even on bad terms u still showed that u care for me.

My life is literally a mess, but this all going to change next year i promise. Grades are going to go up ima focus on myself more, get a job, do my permit. I’m not going to go looking for someone to replace u cause honestly nobody can. I hope this is just a wrong time but right person type thing. The fact that u think i’m ok is hurting even more. I’m draining myself over u and i shouldn’t. The fact that you moved on, happy in school, have dreams and about to turn 16 next year, going to get a car, a jOB, have a new girl bsf new gf doesn’t even surprise me. Every positive thing i do will be for u only u.

I remember when u saw my scars and u look so disappointed and worried about me. Nobody else cared – you did tho. I love you to death and for us to end the way we did, just makes me so mad because u was perfect in every way.


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